History of sifu LO MAN KAN

Since establishing Taiwan’s first Wing Chun Kung Fu school in 1974, Sifu Lo Man Kam has taught thousands students

from 34 countries and territories

Many of these students have gone on to open schools of their own, and further pass on Sifu Lo’s unique insights to a new

generation of Wing Chun practitioners.

The China Lo Man Kam Wing Chun Kung Fu Federation spans the globe, made up of instructors who trace their lineage to Sifu Lo Man Kam.

In addition, since the Federation’s begining, the Taiwan Government has invited Sifu Lo to participate in the curriculum design and teaching of Chinese martial arts to

police and military authorities, thereby improving the effectiveness of their fighting techniques.

From 1992, Sifu Lo has represented the Federation and the R.O.C. Kuoshu Federation for official visits to various European

countries for martial arts exchanges and conferences.