Sifu J-P Englebert

I Started to learn Martial Arts by beginning with Judo in 1958 under Master NAESSENS and HANOSET in Schaerbeek (Brussels), then went on to learn Karaté under the supervision of Master MIASAKI, It was only in 1969 that I started to dedicate my whole life to Kung-Fu with Master J-L GONZETTE the instructor of the Master HOANG NAM in Belgium.

In 1978 I was instructed in the art of WING -CHUNG in the form of private lessons with Master YI in cologne (Germany) for 2 years.

In 1980, my training took me to China where I trained with Master KAO TAO CHAN, master of Praying Mantis kung-fu (TANG-LANG ) . The trainning sessions were divided in two parts: early morning lessons (6 to 9) were taken at the New Park of Taipei (Taiwan), and then from 9 to 12 in the private gymnasium of the Master. I studied with hin until 1991

In 1983, my son and I travelled to Tainan city, in the southern islands of Taiwan to participate in the 4th World Championship of KUNG-FU. We won the technical trophy for Belgium.

In 1984, I was invited to the HONG-KONG CHINESE MARTIAL ARTS ASSOCIATION ltd. by Master CHAN HONG CHUNG, the chairman of this federation, where I was recognized and received my « SIFU »(master) grade by Master TSAN CHIU YU (who was the leader of the Hong-Kong Team at the 4th World Championship in 1983 of Taiwan).

In 1984, I followed a WING-CHUNG formation with Master LO MAN KAM (who is The Greatest Master YIP MAN’ nephew from 7PM to 10PM until 1989.

In 1985, I am recognized by the TAI SING PAP KAR MOON ARTS ASSOCIATION ltd. of Monkey style kung-fu.

In 1986, my son and myself took part in the First European Championship at St Denis (France), where my son won a GOLD MEDAL.

In 1986, we followed a formation of WU-SHU in ZhengZhou (province of Henan) with Master LI. We also went to visit the SHAOLIN Temple.

In 1986, we also took part in the 5th World Championship in Taipei (Taiwan) where my son won his World Champion title (GOLD MEDAL).We also won the Team Demonstration trophy

In 1986 I obtained recognition of my work and my grade by chairman SHAN TEH HUANG of the CHINESE MARTIAL ARTS ASSOCIATION of HUNG-CHUEN (tiger style), under supervision of Master CHEN CHEN HO.

In 1988, I was recognized by the INTERNATION KUOSHU FEDERATION of TAIWAN, and there I met QI-GONG Master FAN KING SUN. I studied with him for 3 years before receiving my teacher’s certificate.

In 1989, me and my son participated in the Second European Championship at Torcy (FRANCE), where my son won his European Champion title for the second time (the GOLDE MEDAL ).

I have taught in Belgium and other contries, in France Mss. Patricia FANGET « World Champion in « LAS VEGAS and SEOUL »- In the USA (Albuquerque) MINH CHAU le THANH, ,They are exemples of the many instructors who diffuse my knowledge. Most of my instructors have ARCHIVED an incredible number of both national and international titles.